Success and Failure…How to respond to both in 2018.

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Failure is something we have all experienced in business. We all have experienced the loss of a contract, the failure to land a deal, being sidestepped in promotion, being sacked or managed out. Failure is something everyone, to one degree or another has experienced. Those who paint the picture of 100% success are revisionists and it’s best to take it all with a pinch of salt. Failure is part of the game, it is the stuff of life and, as painful as it can be at times, an opportunity to learn and grow, but yes, it should still be avoided and should never be considered a ‘good thing’, as it is very much a ‘bad thing!’

The issue is not so much how to avoid failure, it is how to deal with it. Here we see true greatness in a person on how they deal with the failures of life. Yes, there is such a thing as failure and yes there is such a thing as success. It is how you deal with them both that is at the heart of the issue.

Failure Do’s

  • Hold your nerve… success is just around the corner (or maybe the next corner after that!)
  • Learn from it… and do what needs to be done to avoid repeat
  • Blame you… no one else
  • Brush yourself off and keep going
  • Whatever caused it, or whoever caused it… take note

Failure Don’ts

  • Don’t let it grip you… because it can
  • Don’t be indifferent to it… be passionate about confronting it
  • Think that someone else could have avoided it
  • Take it out on others
  • Let it get you down and stressed
  • Feel that the game is over
  • Take revenge



Success is great! We love success because of how it makes us feel and how it makes others feel too. Success is where all the struggling and all the work become worthwhile. The evidence of success can be very tangible in terms of profitability, wealth, the acquisition of assets, and even external recognition through receiving awards for your successes. Success is something we have all experienced in one way or another. We have landed a contract, we have beaten a competitor, we have got a pay rise for a job well done, we have got a promotion, or we have built up a business! Success is part of the game; yes sometimes we are behind but other times we are ahead!

However, the issue with success, as we will see with failure, is how to deal with it! Success can cause problems, perhaps more so than failure. The success spiral goes a bit like this – Success breeds pride… pride breeds arrogance… arrogance breeds complacency, complacency breeds egotistical behaviour and then egotistical behaviour leads to downfall!

So here are the Do’s and Don’ts of success

Success Don’ts

  • Think you are invincible… you are not
  • Think that you are better than others… you are not
  • Believe that anything you touch will turn to gold… it won’t
  • Assume that it is repeatable… it sometimes isn’t
  • Become proud

Success Do’s

  • Share success… with others
  • Build on it… to achieve greater success
  • Learn from it… to avoid failure
  • Stay humble… and avoid pride
  • Remember that it is down to others too… but yes, take some credit!


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